Missionary Monday - Central Europe

Thanks for praying for the UNA Club!!

Hello dear friends,

I think the title speaks for itself! Thank you so, so much for praying! We had an absolutely wonderful week in Croatia with the team that came from America. In all I think we reached about 100-125 children in two villages over 6 days! We told stories, sang songs, performed dramas, played games and colored in the UNA books together! Not minutes into entering the village, the Roma children began to bond with the American team. What followed was days of fun! These ministries offer unique opportunities for the local missionaries to make connections, evangelize, and start long-term ministry in the villages. Meanwhile the Americans come and their explosive energy kicks off a 3-day VBS-like festival! 


Games, book distributions, songs and activities- it was a busy time!


There is no greater blessing than to see your kids having a blast with the kids you are trying to reach! Margot made several friends over the week. They are missionaries too, in their own, important way.

As usual the children were really engaged. This village was a calm place with a much gentler attitude than most. Sometimes the UNA Clubs can become very chaotic, as any ministry to children can go.


And as usual the older teens and some adults came out to poke fun at the childrens' songs and games. This happens every time! But you know what? They never seem to leave, and most often even the adults also go home with a craft or coloring book! Eventually in this village, even the teens who were sneering on day 1 were singing the UNA Songs by day 3! So we know God is at work even for them. 

It wouldn't be the first time I have heard of adults finding the Lord through VBS or something similar! This was a young man I spent a good amount of time talking to. His English was quite good. He dreams of being a professional soccer player, but his life circumstances means he works in a sheet metal factory making probably $3-4 an hour. We played soccer together for an hour there. Please pray for him.

Thanks again for praying! We have exciting news to share soon regarding what our Autumn will look like! So I'll be sending out another letter soon.